About Us

We are on a mission to make healthy living simple and enjoyable

To help people permanently reduce risk of chronic disease, lose weight and improve long term health regardless of socioeconomic status or geographical location by providing a simple and engaging solution. Your way forward is…


Todd Meister

Interim-CEO, Co-Chairman

Todd is driven to give people across America foods that they enjoy eating which will also nourish their bodes and improve lifelong health. He is working to ensure that Wellway can provide people with the guidance, motivation, and meals needed to take meaningful steps each day to take control of and reduce risk for chronic disease.

Bruce Shalett

President, Co-Chairman

Bruce is on a mission to shift the way we think about health and treating disease in America.  In a world full of health gimmicks and fads, Bruce believes that Wellway’s unique evidence based nutrition and behavior change programs will be able to empower millions to not only take control of their of their health but to significantly improve and sustain it.

Master Chef Ken Arnone

Chief Culinary Officer

Chef Ken has dedicated his life to the art of making incredible food. He has spent thousands of hours in the Wellway kitchens perfecting how every ingredient, herb, and spice come together to make Wellway meals so delicious.

Mike Roussell, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Mike loves helping people unlock the power of nutrition to improve health. He is passionate about helping people reduce the friction of healthy living in day to day life to unlock lifelong healthy habits.

Josh Shaw

Executive Chairman
Head of Sales/Marketing

Josh is a seasoned CPG entrepreneur, operator and investor who has successfully built, grown and sold 3 CPG brands, and invested / advised a dozen others over the last 20 years. As Board Member and Executive Chairman at Wellway, Josh leads New Business Development and supports Sales, Marketing and Membership. Through Wellway, Josh is on a mission to provide innovative solutions to those battling chronic diseases, and ultimately help everyone live happier and healthier lives.

John Turner

Chief Operations Officer

John has spent his career optimizing food production and manufacturing processes. As part of the Wellway Team he is dedicated to putting these skills to work to ensure that delicious, healthy meals can be affordably produced and available across the country.

Jordan Lheay

Head of Technology

Jordan grew up on a small Wisconsin farm which has had a priceless impact on how he sees food in society. He has built his career in digital health, focusing on new care delivery models and redefining how American should access convenient and affordable preventable care.